Creating the future together

We want to use the knowledge and experience we have accumulated

to see a different landscape from the one I am in now.

We want to meet and be inspired by people who have different backgrounds from ours.

We want to find a place where I can still challenge new things.


The Spirete community is a lab for adults who gather out of such curiosity.

Our goal is to share our knowledge and experiences with each other and create a new future together.

Recommended for

  • I want to help startups by sharing my knowledge and experience.

  • I want to challenge something new while still belonging to a company.

  • If I change jobs, I want to be a founding member and experience the launch of a business.

  • I want to meet people with completely different backgrounds from my own.

Our Projects

We are looking for team members for the following project.

Side hustles, freelancers, and students are all welcome.

If you are interested, please contact us here.

We may not be able to introduce some projects depending on the project status.

We also hold a pitch event every two to three months to introduce new project candidates.



Please contact us using the application form below. 

The person in charge will contact you later.

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